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I enjoy speaking to audiences about Finance, sharing my journey and how people can win at the Money Game. These conversations are so important and I feel honored to add value to them.

I am dedicated to helping individuals, families, schools and companies obtain the knowledge they need to understand and build generational wealth.

My approach is always to start with the psychological aspects of money + finance and then work outward.

My talks are designed to be safe spaces where all participants feel heard and are able to walk away with new perspectives.

My audiences have appreciated my candor about past experiences. Many are able to relate and use my journey to help them move forward.

My Signature Topics

  • Financial Imposter Syndrome

  • Understanding Stocks

  • Psychology of Money

  • Planning For College

  • Stress Free Retirement

  • Understanding Employee Benefits

  • Steps To Become A Millionaire

  • How To Set Financial Goals

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Virtual Events | Workshops | Keynotes | Panels | Podcast Appearances

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