• Eric McLoyd

The Art of Leverage

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

As you know, Leverage is the ability to control much with just a little. Leverage equals speed or velocity and it is a critical part of the wealth equation. More to the point, the more leverage you have the wealthier you will become.

As a successful entrepreneur or business owner chances are you have already mastered a few forms of Leverage like borrowing money (Other People’s Money) or hiring (Other People’s Work)—but did you know there are actually 7 forms of Leverage:

1. OPM (Other People’s Money)

2. OPT (Other People’s Time)

3. OPW (Other People’s Work)

4. Scalable Production & Distribution

5. Scalable Customer Base

6. OPE (Other People’s Experiences)

7. OPI?

Can you guess the last form of Leverage? Let us know what you think OPI stands for and send us a DM if you would like an article that provides more detail on the 7 forms of Leverage.

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