• Eric McLoyd

Is It Time To Launch?

A launch event is where a product or a brand is showcased for the first time in front of an audience. Launch events are a crucial part of marketing. They generate hype and awareness. They announce to the world that your business exists.

Virtual launch events are only differ from the conventional, live launch events in one main way; they are held virtually. The goals, the method, the audience, etc. are all expected to be the same as they would be if that same event were to be held live. And certain aspects are actually improved upon such as reaching a global audience and engagement.

Virtual event hosting platforms vary in their services but many of them provide audio, video, and text chat functions. This not only enhances engagement during the event but also enhances the overall event experience for the attendees, enabling them to remember the event for a long time.

Some of the benefits are:

-Larger Audience

-Cost Effective


-Global Reach

-Increased awareness can generate more client leads

-A great way to tell the company story + engage prospects

-A fun way to celebrate your big achievement of being in business

-There are tools to help you analyze virtual event analytics

-You can record the event and use portions for media content

-Enhances your personal + business brand

If a virtual launch sounds like the next logical step, plan one with your team and let the WORLD know. We are also happy to walk you through the set up during one of our strategy sessions.

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