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Founder Friday-Shakeena Melbourne, Esq.

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The word Lawyer is not enough to describe this wonder woman. Matter of fact, no one word is enough to describe someone who acts on their convictions as much as Shakeena Melbourne, Esq.

Attorney also is not strong enough to describe a human being who ‘specializes in the person sitting in front of her’. She doesn’t believe in the singularities of law and business. We have literally heard her say that she is concerned about your ENTIRE family legacy—not just one particular issue or challenge.

And true indeed Shakeena’s long list of accomplishments would impress even other high achievers but what’s more impressive is the WHY? It always has to do with empowering and adding value to other people. We have personally observed Shakeena spring into action at someone’s first mention of needing help in a certain area—literally going into action right in that moment. This includes her work around supporting veterans and their re-entry to society + the work of supporting youth through her not-for-profit “Moving Legacies”.

Now check out this timeline: Shakeena graduated Thomas M. Cooley Law School with her law degree in 2013, obtained a Corporate and Finance LLM in 2014, worked in corporate for a few years, and then founded her own law firm Upton Law in 2018 ( She is quick to tell you that none of these accomplishments were easy but they definitely added some new dimensions to her character.

Ok, so more about Shakeena the person, well for one she loves Mexican food. Jill Scott, Badu + India Arie are the neo-souls she calls on to re-charge and regain focus. She mainly likes to read book trilogies because of the commitment + investment required. And get this, she consumes autobiographies because she uses them as a way to be “mentored” by the author.

Shakeena is now herself a published author who just dropped “One Hundred & Fifteen I ams”. The book was written to be reminders to herself, she uses poetry as her way to journal and release. You can grab “One Hundred & Fifteen I ams” on the Apple books platform (

If you meet Shakeena personally you may feel like you are inside an episode of Issa Rae’s “Insecure”— except unlike some of shows characters, Shakeena really is from Cali. She moved to the Detroit area for law school and decided to stay. While in the “D” you can catch her on a billboard styling her fedora cocked to the side, in person the “shoe game” will surely grab your attention + when she’s speaking to you, the lilt in her voice will make you want to ask, hey what country are you and your people originally from? She will proudly tell you—JAMAICA.

Some may consider Shakeena young in age but all will agree that her professionalism, points of view, and contributions to humanity … are old with maturity. There are not enough words to pay you tribute, but today we surely salute you Shakeena Melbourne, Esq.



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