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Founder Friday-Betty Nelson, CPCC


We have many times observed Betty Nelson dance and rhythmically capture the attention of an entire dance floor but more importantly, we have listened as she has captivated packed conference rooms with her ability to instantly make you say, “Hey, I like her.”

Born into a family of professionals, Betty was taught early on about service to others. She has dedicated HER life to treating the cancer of not actively managing your career. She is a practitioner but the title “career coach” just softens the blow that really describes the impact she has in changing people's lives. She helps you to quickly understand that being a “Careerist” is not just about updating a resume, it’s having that rare ability to see the best version of someone even when they are afraid to conjure that same image of themselves. You see, even though Betty is multilingual she speaks other languages that have nothing to do with words. These are languages of Love that allow her to look at you and really see where you could be, who you could be there with + how to transport you there. This type of magic scares some people because they weren’t quite ready to accept their divine assignment. Don’t worry though Betty has enough courage for the both of you. Trust.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t make it clear that Betty, a native New Yorker, is a St. John’s University graduate, holder of the gold standard professional coaching designation— “CPCC”, fluent in several languages, a board member of several notable not for profits such as America Needs You ("ANY") ( and is currently completing her Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership from Chicago School of Professional Psychology. It is also significant to note that in 2018 she launched her own career and executive coaching firm, Nelson Career Curators, LLC ( won the coveted Entrepreneurship Support Grant from the City of Evanston to help fund start-up costs.

Though highly accomplished…. on a personal level, speaking to Ms. Nelson is to immediately connect to a global perspective. Riding elephants in Thailand, taking selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower, floating through the canals of Amsterdam + diving the beautiful waters of Belize are all things she has experienced with high expectations for more. Also understanding the power of traveling mentally, Betty loves to surround herself with powerful quotes such as “Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful" or “I’m the boss lady” and if you come into her home you will see Post-it notes of the same caliber—they may remind you of an episode of Gabriel Union’s show “Mary Jane”.

On a good day, you may catch Betty walking along a large body of water in a pair of her signature white Fila sneakers, distinct gold bangles + a colorful Calvin Klein dress cut just right to show off her fashion model legs. You shouldn’t be surprised if you hear Chris Brown or the Haitian bands T-Vice or Carimi booming out of her headphones because those are the vibes when its time to relax. When winding down she may also be sipping on an ice-cold Coca Cola, nibbling on a Haitian patty and watching a long movie on Netflix. Still…even in those moments, her eyes will be dancing with ideas. Since Betty is fueled by passion + obsessions rarely achieved by most, there is ALWAYS a scenario on her mind waiting to be ACHIEVED. And even though you could look at 3 different photographs of Betty and believe it to be 3 different beautiful women her loyalty and commitment to mankind never waiver—not once.

Betty, we wonder what’s next for you...for the world, as your company and ambitions continue to grow. But as we wait to see, we want to thank you for always seeing the best version of us. We Love you for it!!

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