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SFS #004: Don't Sleep on Bonds

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Guarantees are rare in finance.

But….I’m about to let you in on one that pays 9.62%.

Here’s how it works:

The federal government offers something called Series I Savings Bonds.

A bond is really simple, it’s just a loan to an institution. As the bond purchaser “you” are making the loan.

Bonds are offered by many different types of institutions such as municipalities, banks, corporate entities and in this case the federal government.

These entities issue (sell) bonds as a way to raise money.

In return for this loan you get the guarantee I was telling you about. They are paying you back the face value (loan amount) on a specific date and make interest payments to you along the way (however long you agreed to).

Bonds are good because usually when stocks are not doing well, bonds are (inversely proportional).

Here's what I would suggest as a possible action plan:

1-Read this to learn more about Series I Savings bonds:

2-Determine if you are ready to invest in bonds (have emergency fund, don't need the money for awhile).

3-Ask yourself why bonds might be a good fit for you (seeking higher returns than stocks, need a guaranteed rate, etc.)

4-Sign up for an account

4-Confirm the current interest rate and how long you want to lock in.

5-Start with small investments in bonds until you get comfortable with the process.

6-Rinse and repeat.

7-Build generational wealth.

If you are ready to become lender and not the borrower, consider bonds for you and your family. If you are not ready, tuck this information away for later--bonds are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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