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Initial Consultation

Step 1. The first step in the process includes getting to know you and building a rapport. We discuss your business goals, values and how Hubris partners with clients.


Next, we clarify your business or financial challenge + identify the best service offering to address your issue.



Step 2. We complete an official engagement with you and officially welcome you into the Hubris ecosystem.


This step will also include introductions to others from your Hubris team.


Data Gathering

Step 3. Now it is time to start gathering the details needed to address your specific problem or concern (research, information gathering, etc.). 


The analysis done in this stage may help to redefine or reframe the problem.



Step 4. We take all of the information gathered in the previous 3 steps and use it to present our recommendations on how to address your challenge or problem.

Once we are in agreement regarding the recommendations an action plan will be created that includes dates. This stage usually includes additional client discussion + education on specific concepts.



Step 7. Based on the milestones included in your Action Plan and the team of curated professionals we continue to monitor your implementation through its completion.



       Action Plan

Step 5. At this stage of our journey, it is time to detail the actions needed to move forward. The key here is understanding how. With this in mind, your Action Plan will include dates +identify other professionals that may be needed to complete the actions.

Your Action Plan will also include strategies that can be used to achieve success.



Step 6. At this stage of our journey, it is time to implement the action plan. We will guide you through the implementation process and can assist with building + coordinating your team of the necessary professionals.


Depending on the solutions needed to reach your goals this team could include Accountants, Insurance professionals, Attorneys, Brokers, etc.


Hubris clients don't need someone to TELL them what to do--they won't accept that. Our clients value strategic partnerships and tangible results.