Frequently asked questions

How Does Hubris Define Wealth Management?

We view wealth management as a combination of business + finanancial services used to address the on-going needs of business owners, entrepereneurs and not for profit leaders. We use planning, strategy and implementation as the tools to help our client's achieve generational wealth. Our services include curating other professionals to assist with service implementation. These professionals include Attorneys, Financial Professionals, Talent Acquisiton Specialists, Administrative Professionals and others.

Am I Good Fit To Work With Hubris?

Most of our clients have successful corporate careers and are seeking to launch or grow their own company or organization. We also serve full time entrepreneurs through our Strategy + Implementation solutions. For both groups the goal is to move to the next level of growth. While historically most of our client's have been women of color, we welcome forward thinking Founders from all backgrounds.

What Are The Intended Outcomes For Your Implementation Solutions?

Launch CEO, Leaders of the N.E.W. and Your CFO are one part Executive Coaching + one part C-Suite staffing. The main outcomes are CEO/Executive mindset development, clear goals, stronger leadership skills/core and accountability.

What Is The Cost For Your Services?

Currently our business + strategic planning services are offered at $1,000 per plan. Business + Finance Strategy sessions are offered at $175 per hour and $100 for each additional hour. Strategy Consulting pricing varies depending on what stage of development the company or organization are in. Your CFO, Launch CEO and Leader's of the N.E.W. are offered as a monthly subscription rate of $375 per month.

What Are The Intended Outcomes For Your Business Planning Solutions?

Some outcomes for our Business Planning solutions are a written business plan, identification of the problem your business or orgnization will solve, understanding of start-up costs and anticipated revenues, foundation to receive buy-in from investors and stakeholders, established growth metrics, and more.

What Are The Intended Outcomes For Your Strategy Solutions?

Our Strategic Solutions are intended to bring operational clarity. Specifically the business and strategy sessions are meant to be quick dives and are best when leaders need immediate analysis. Strategy Consulting goes a step beyond by providing advice and being very specific about what needs to happen next.

Does Hubris Offer Financial Services?

Our network includes a broad array of financial professionals. We are happy to introduce you to professionals who can assist with insurance, financial planning, investment advisory and other areas.

When Should We Consider A Strategic Plan?

In theory a Strategic Plan (How?) would be created right after the Business Plan (What?). Many times a well crafted business will include the Strategic Plan. Often times neither of the afore-mentioned scenarios happen. At Hubris we use the Strategic Plan to re-calibrate the direction of an existing company so that they know where to focus in the future. This process is best for companies that have the desire to take a hard look at the last few years and really dig into how to get better. Not all companies are up for this challenge as it does require time and reflection.